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VICTOR'S SPA: Wellness & Beauty

Power down and recharge your batteries. Take a break from daily life. Feel beautiful. The perfect place for this? Welcome to VICTOR'S SPA.

Let yourself be pampered from head to toe with soothing massages, fragrant aromatic baths and deep cleansing facial treatments such as HydraFacial™ or JetPeel™. Our professional beauty experts use exclusive, luxury cosmetics from Vinoble, Reviderm, iS Clinical, Pañpuri, Galvagni and LCN / WILDE COSMETICS.

Lose yourself in our spacious spa and wellness area that includes an indoor pool, whirlpool, steam bath and various saunas. For all those who prefer to break a sweat with sports, our fitness room is sure to be your new favourite place.

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Daily 7am - 10pm

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Whether as a hotel guest or a day guest: reward yourself with a visit to VICTOR'S SPA. Our luxurious beauty & wellness treatments have convinced many a star thanks to their immediately noticeable and long-lasting effects.


Promoting radiance and beauty, our innovative facial treatments use the latest techniques and luxury cosmetics for an immediate and long-lasting result.

PRO Skin Care Treatments by Clarins

Facial Skin Care

The PRO treatments' outstanding quality is due to the perfect marriage of Clarins massage techniques and high per formance PRO care formulae. These products are luxurious creations with special textures, exclusively conceived for the expert hands of therapists trained in the Clarins Touch massage method. All treatments include cleansing, eyebrow styling, face massage, face mask, finishing care, light lymph drainage massage, as well as hand, foot and scalp massage. We will be glad to assist you in choosing the right Clarins PRO Treatment for you.

Classic Skin Care Treatment

Facial Skin Care

Cleansing, eyebrow correction, extraction, skin-type specific nurturing face mask, face massage, finishing care.


Facial Skin Care

This new treatment improves the skin cells' oxygen binding capacity, leading to an optimised cell metabolism and the neutralisation of free radicals. Your skin will be smooth, soft and rosy.


Facial Skin Care

Serious anti-aging aficionados simply cannot get around this treatment: Hydra Facial is one of the most modern and gentle methods of skin resurfacing. Ideal for both, women and men. HydraFacial can boost the skin's tone and texture by improving the appearance of fine
lines, clogged and enlarged pores, oily and acne-prone skin, and hyperpigmentation.
It can help transform dull, tired, sallow complexions and quench dry and mature skin.

Forever Young

Facial Skin Care

Curious about a professional botox or hyaluronic acid treatment? For your convenience,
Dr. Albane Garber, experienced medical specialist, is at your disposal every Saturday, here, at Victor's Vital Resort. During an expert consultation, Dr. Garber will provide you with all the
important details. Prices start at € 300.00.

For the best possible result, you may want to book one of our HydraFacial treatments, which prepare your skin optimally for the subsequent therapy. In combination with a medical botox or hyaluronic acid treatment, we offer the following at a special rate:


Facial Skin Care

JetPeel is an innovative skin rejuvenation system that employs aerospace technology to enhance your beauty. A specially designed device creates a supersonic stream of liquid and gas microdroplets which contacts the skin with a velocity of 720 km/h, resulting in a peeling as thorough as it is gentle. Oxygen is transported deep into the dermis, the skin is massaged and purified, while a cooling effect stimulates blood circulation.

Highly effective supplements containing hyaluronic acid and vitamins are then introduced into the now extraordinarily receptive skin. The treatment is entirely painless and the result immediately visible: fine lines are smoothed and the skin's overall appearance is dramatically
fresher and younger. Results with long-term effects can be achieved after only four to six treatment sessions.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment

Facial Skin Care

A perfect addition to any of our facials, a therapeutic ultrasound session makes the skin more permeable for subsequent treatment. Collagen regeneration is stimulated and the skin is tightened.


Facial Skin Care

An ideal complement to any of our facial treatments, Hydrolage enhances the skin's deep hydration by building a so-called moist chamber and, at the same time, opening pores. Original Reviderm 100 percent collagen fleece masks deposit abundant amounts of moisture in your skin. Visible effects: after a short time already, the skin is tightened and smoothed, puffiness and fine lines are considerably reduced. The collagen fleece does not contain any chemical additives. The treatment does not cause irritations, making it suitable for all skin types.

Body treatments

Whether you are looking for a body peeling that will leave you feeling completely relaxed, or a regenerating moisture treatment, our trained staff will care for you with professional products and leave your skin feeling like new.

Perfect Contour

Body Treatments

This skin-refining, shape-sculpting body treatment detoxifies the dermal tissue. Your body's contours will be modelled into a super-toned, silky-smooth, svelte silhouette, leaving you feeling light as a feather.

Hydra Relax

Body Treatments

This moisture quencher is a heavenly treat for parched or dry skin. Making you feel incomparably comfortable from head to toe, it will give you a supple body that gleams like satin and is velvet to the touch.

Power Firming

Body Treatments

The anti-age body treatment par excellence. It smoothes and tightens, revives the density and elasticity of the skin, and increases cell regeneration. A true youth booster which will leave your body feeling firmer and your skin more supple than ever.

Galvagni Grape Peeling

Body Treatments

This peeling with cold pressed grape seed oil gently massages the body and instantly produces a smoother and more radiant look and feel. The finishing care provides moisture and micronutrients – for silkysoft, caressable skin! Includes one Auxerrois Body Cream gift.

Treatments for men

Stressed male skin needs special care. From the ingredients to the scent, our professional treatments are designed especially for men.

Pure Vitality for the Face

Treatments for Him

This cleansing and clarifying facial care treatment moisturises thirsty skin. It also firms and tightens and helps to soothe away any shaving irritations.

Body Fit Massage für Männer

Body Fit Massage for Men

Enjoy an energising massage, enveloped in the enlivening aromas of grapefruit, lime or lemon.

Freshness Kick for Men

Treatments For Him

Invigorating treatment with cleansing, peeling, mask and massage, plus a manly manicure, including another pampering massage. How fresh of us!

Wellness massages

De-stress from the pressure of daily life by treating yourself to one of our head-to-foot wellness massages.

Victor's Vital Massage

Wellness Massages

This sensitive but deep-reaching rubdown with warm almond oil will instantly put you in a state of supreme relaxation, from which you will emerge reenergised.

Revitalising Head & Face Massage

Wellness Massages

This pressure point massage therapy eases tensions, aches and pains by stimulating and invigorating scalp and facial skin. Promotes a deep sense of relaxation and improves
the ability to concentrate.

Classic Foot Massage

Wellness Massages

This toetally feel-good lower leg rubdown will untangle your tense muscles – no matter whether you've been out and about all day, hiking or sightseeing, or whether you just want to give your
feet a treat for no reason at all.

Aroma Oil Massage

Wellness Massages

Indulge in a moment of bliss for body, mind and soul with a gentle effleurage massage, a technique which employs soft and soothing stroking movements. Choose your favourite aroma essence and, depending on your selection, reap the revitalising or relaxing benefits.

Oriental Hammam Massage

Wellness Massages

During this perfectly purifying massage ceremony with a special peeling glove, you will find yourself enveloped in a fluffy cloud of perfumy foam consisting of olive and herb extracts.

Hot Stone Massage

Wellness Massages

The deep heat which emanates from the smooth stones virtually melts muscular tension away into a sea of luxurious warmth and well-being.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Wellness Massages

Awakens weary feet and leaves you feeling blissful – this professional blend of foot massage strokes works wonders. Includes foot bath.

Synchronicity Massage

Wellness Massage

Partial body massage with four hands working on you at the same time – what a divine treat!

Wellness baths

Our aromatic wellness baths will envelop you in luxurious scents, while at the same time gently cleansing and caring for your skin. For deep-down relaxation, immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing.

Aroma Bath


Choose your favourite fragrance, depending on mood or season: our aroma essence selection includes for example „Magic of the Caribbean" and „Winter Fairy Tale".

Total Relaxation

Wellness Baths

Highly effective plant extracts and essential oils will work wonders on you: chamomile, basil, geranium, and valerian are blended together to perfectly unfold their calming potential and gently wash away all muscle tension.

Grape Oil Bath

Wellness Baths

Relax like the Romans and enjoy bathing in mineral-rich grape seed oil.

Hands & feet

Hands and feet are some of the body's most stressed areas. Make them smooth and soft again with intensive yet gentle care.

Herbs and spices foot treatment

Hands & Feet

Intensely purifying and revitalising aromatherapy for fabulous feet. Improves ankle mobility and boosts the body's energy levels by increasing lymphatic flow and releasing blockages in the meridian lines. The nourishing synergistic effects of all natural ingredients will leave your
feet supple and smooth.

• purifying herbal salt foot bath with tea tree oil, lemongrass and basil
• polishing foot peeling with ginger, basil, green tea and sesame
• invigorating foot mask with lemongrass, galangal and green clay
• energising foot massage with mint and cedar wood

Luxury Hand Spa

Hands & Feet

Our hands are our calling cards. This deliciously soothing and smoothing hand treatment makes the first signs of dryness disappear in a gentle and long-lasting manner.

• mild hand soak with milk powder, tigergrass, sandalwood and evening primrose oil
• hand peeling with orange fruit extract, tamarind and evening primrose oil
• hand mask with red clay, echinacea, keratin and sandalwood
• hand massage with ylang-ylang, olive and sunflower oil

Manicure or Pedicure

Hands & Feet

Manicure or Pedicure Deluxe

Hands & Feet

Hand or foot care plus peeling and mask – the cosmetic icing on the cake.


Special occasions demand a special look. Relax and let our beauty experts take care of you.





Eyebrow Correction


Deluxe Hair Spa


This deeply conditioning mane-taming treatment with a luscious coconut fragrance will leave your hair silky-smooth, shiny and soft. Egg yolk, honey and sesame provide ultimate moisture, care and protection for hair and scalp. Hair styling upon request.

Treatment packages for him and her

The perfect package for an idyllic weekend of romance and wellbeing. Take time out for both of you and enjoy our aromatic baths, cleansing peels and wellness massages.

Victor's Vinum Spa

Pampering Packages For Her & Him

This roughness-ridding scrub and rubdown starts with a gentle, purifying grape seed-salt peeling, leaving your skin soft and smooth. It is followed by a relaxing, nurturing back massage with grape seed oil. Enjoy this special treat(ment) along with succulent grapes and a glass of Auxerrois wine

Victor's Vinum Spa Premium

Pampering Packages For Her & Him

Same as Classic, plus an invigorating grape seed oil-wine-bath in our Hydroxeur®-whirltub to get you started – a treat for all your senses, almost as exclusive as bathing in champagne.

Victor's Vinum Spa Deluxe

Pampering Packages For Her & Him

Same as Premium, plus a grape-clay-pack, a full body instead of a back massage and cosmetics to take home. After the peeling, your skin is ideally prepared toabsorb the
minerals and trace elements contained within the grapes and the clay. The ultimate relaxing
full body massage with cold pressed grape seed oil rounds off this soothing and nurturing
treatment to perfection. Absolutely fabulous! And as a take-away gift, enjoy your very
own Auxerrois Body Cream (only available at Victor's Spa).

Time for Two

Pampering Packages For Her & Him

Indulge in some pampering in pairs: enjoy a romantic wellness bath and allow yourselves
to drift away on the scent of fragrant essential oils. We provide champagne and chocolates and, as crowning finale, a relaxing full body massage in our Partner Suite. You'll be in heaven! (Please note that the baths have to be taken in separate rooms).

Matters of the Heart

Pampering Packages For Her & Him

Our brand new pampering programme for couples starts off with a wonderful welcome:
enjoy a softening foot soak, a glass of sparkling wine and fine chocolates. It features a
heavenly-scented aroma oil massage for two before winding down with a skin-specific facial
treatment to give you that beaming glow.

Pañpuri Spa Rituals

Pampering Packages For Her & For Him

We offer three individual Pañpuri fragrance lines: Siamese Water, Vanilla Planifolia and Clementine & Patchouli. The different signature blends have different beneficial effects on body, mind and soul. Each aroma collection can be booked as Classic, Premium
or Luxury Ritual. We are happy to help you with your selection – or just follow your sixth sense!

For our day guests

Spend a perfect relaxing day at VICTOR'S SPA. Swim a few lengths in the pool and treat yourself to a range of our beauty treatments.

Pool & Breakfast

Day Packages For Day Guests

• "Good Morning Sunshine" breakfast buffet including Moselle Secco sparkling wine, coffee, tea, mineral water and juices
• complimentary use of our wellness area
• bath robe and towels for the duration of your stay

Arrangement can be booked from Mondays through Fridays between 10:00 am and 6:00
pm (unless otherwise specified). Holidays and bridge days upon request.

Beauty Day

For Day Guests

• complimentary use of our wellness area
• 60 mins. facial or body treatment
• wellness tea and mineral water at VICTOR'S SPA
• bath robe and towels for the duration of your stay

Arrangement can be booked from Mondays through Fridays between 10:00 am and 06:00
pm (unless otherwise specified). Holidays and bridge days upon request.

Time for Two

Day packages for Day Guests

As the name implies ... for two guests:

• complimentary use of our wellness area
• partial body massage
• one glass of Moselle Secco sparkling wine to welcome you
• skin-type specific facial
• choice of manicure or pedicure
• fitness lunch in our wellness area
• bath robe and towels for the duration of your stay

Arrangement can be booked from Mondays through Fridays between 10:00 am and 6:00
pm (unless otherwise specified). Holidays and bridge days upon request.

Just For Me

Day Packages For Day Guests

• complimentary use of our wellness area
• relaxing massage
• skin-type specific facial
• choice of manicure or pedicure
• bath robe and towels for the duration of your stay

Arrangement can be booked from Mondays through Fridays between 10:00 am and 06:00
pm (unless otherwise specified). Holidays and bridge days upon request.

After Work

For Day Guests

• complimentary use of our wellness area
• partial body massage of your choice (30 mins.)
• wellness tea and mineral water at VICTOR'S SPA
• 2 course dinner at either Bacchus or Die Scheune (main course plus
appetizer or dessert)
• bath robe and towels for the duration
of your stay

Arrangement can be booked from Mondays through Thursdays between 10:00 am and 5:00
pm. Holidays and bridge days upon request.

Give the gift of luxury

With a voucher from Victor's World, you can reward a staff member, treat a friend or loved one, or say thank you to a valued client.

Katja Eggert

Head of Victor’s Spa

My team and I will make bring out your radiant self again - both inside and out.

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